Xining Municipal Committee of civilization to the public an open letter

citizen friends:

2008 Xining Chuangwei, bright and colorful surge high and sweep forward to tackle, compose a tenacious struggle, the people of the city through together doing big things magnificent paean. Xining Chuangwei, temper the will and character; Chuangwei, show the image and style of the plateau. At present, the city is to carry out in-depth study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, the municipal government and the people of the city, with heroic passion and pioneering and enterprising spirit, great enterprise engaged in the construction of a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau of central city in modernization.

people are the masters of the city, the quality of the people is the first image of the city, the quality of the people ultimately determines the city’s soft power and reputation, determines the quality and characteristics of the city. It is of great significance to improve the quality of the citizens to speed up the economic and social development of Xining, to shape the image of the city, and to promote the civilization of Xining. The municipal Party committee, municipal government decided that from the second half of this year, with three years to implement public works to enhance the quality of the city, efforts to promote the administrative civilization, occupation civilization, campus civilization, civilization, civilization and life management of community civilization construction, efforts to create a healthy human environment, this is an important decision of the municipal Party committee and the municipal the government to seek the welfare of the people and fulfill the historical responsibility, more specific actions to promote the city’s scientific development and harmonious development.

implementation of the quality of the public to enhance the project, the need for all citizens to participate. Co construction and sharing is the starting point and the end result of the party and the government to improve the quality of the project, the general public is not only the participants, but also the beneficiaries of the activities. In recent years, the city vigorously carry out the "Four city", adhere to the political civilization, material civilization and spiritual civilization, the public morality and city civilization degree has been greatly improved, and constantly improve the mental state of people. However, the society uncivilized, unhealthy, immoral phenomena still exist, seriously affected the image of Xining summer. Whether it is organs, schools, or the streets, the voice of the people calling civilization is getting stronger and stronger. To enhance the quality of the people, cultivate the spirit of the city requires all citizens to form a consensus, participation, need to work together, all the people of one heart and one mind. Let each of us start from their own, do civilization, civilized, civilized manners, civilized people, so that civilization has become a common pursuit and behavior.

implementation of the quality of the public to enhance the project, the need to set an example by Party members and cadres. Conduct regular folk, people who keep the truth. The words and deeds of Party members and cadres, to a large extent, influence and determine the social atmosphere. Party members and cadres should be strict with oneself, diligent and honest, consciously regulate government behavior, improve economic, legal, cultural, scientific and social management and other aspects of the quality, practice the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, fulfill the purpose of governing for the people, sincere service, civilized model.

implementation of the quality of the public to enhance the project, the need to start from scratch. Civilization lies in the details, progress lies in the accumulation. We want to start from the little things, starting from scratch, to clean up the mess, leaving the United States and the United States and the United States, and strive to practice the "citizen Convention", "the public;