The future of the Silk Road in the world

In August 7th, 2014 Chinese (Qinghai) Silk Road Economic Belt carpet industry cooperation and development Roundtable, Tibetan carpet, carpet, the Silk Road three elements together, to become the world’s leading producers of merchants carpet represent common essence of focus and future cooperation and development.

[] view and target an important node in Qinghai Silk Road Silk Road Economic Belt, occupies an important position in the overall strategic layout, between countries along the silk carpet industry cooperation and development roundtable discussion on promoting world carpet industry cooperation and development will play an important role in Qinghai Tibetan carpet exhibition into the construction of Qinghai Silk Road Economic Belt open platform. Ministry of Commerce will support the establishment of a new trade competitive advantage in Qinghai, hope that the participants of the countries and regions to invest in Qinghai, china.

"for the first time into the elements to enrich the connotation of the silk road"

[view and target] the exhibition for the first time into the Silk Road Silk Road elements, enrich the connotation of Tibetan carpet exhibition, enhance the vitality of development, Qinghai Tibetan carpet exhibition will serve as an important platform for global carpet exchanges and cooperation, further strengthen communication and consultation with the countries along the silk Road, to carry out pragmatic cooperation. At the same time focus on the Qinghai Xining into a collection of blanket production center, R & D center, trading center as one of the Tibetan carpet capital of the world.

[] in the target view and the Silk Road carpet industry development, Qinghai has great potential, can strive to become the world’s carpet wholesale center. But there is still a long way to go to achieve this goal, including the market as well as the Tibetan carpet exhibition to further enhance the level of development. Qinghai to build Xining Tibetan carpet capital, not only between China and Qinghai Tibetan carpet production countries, but also need to communicate with the market demand for products, so as to get a more healthy and sustainable growth.

"convenient traffic to build Silk Road cooperation bridge"

[view and the silk road;