Xining strive to achieve air quality at the end of 2014 to the advanced level of the western provinc

when PM10 invasion of the sky in Xining, step by step threat to the health of the public, we have to do is to cooperate with the government departments, the destruction of the environment of enterprises and individuals firmly said, "NO".

lives in summer street, Mr. Hu, a day after getting up in the morning, he opened the computer to watch the day of the Xining air quality index. According to the air quality is good or bad, Mr. Hu reasonable arrangements for a day’s trip. Today, like Hu, like the Internet to see more and more people of air quality.

thanks to the implementation of the new air quality monitoring standards at the beginning of this year, as long as the public to open the Xining air quality real-time monitoring system, you can view the quality of air environment in each period of time in Xining.

transparent, open air quality monitoring system, so that many people have a clearer understanding of the air quality in Xining, in a timely manner and understanding. Mr. Hu said, in his impression, Xining blue sky, often praised Xining’s blue sky in front of foreign friends. After a few months of this year to view the Xining air quality index, Xining air quality gradually lose confidence and confidence to show off.

Xining bad atmospheric environment quality, also caused the provincial, Xining municipal government attaches great importance to. In April this year, the provincial environmental protection department conducted a special analysis of the air quality in Xining city of Xining caused by the air quality of the environment "culprit" a preliminary conclusion of Xining atmospheric environment continued to deteriorate in addition to the natural factors and man-made "two dust", automobile exhaust emissions increase and other reasons, the urban area of Xining PM10 and the concentration of PM2.5 increased sharply.

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thematic analysis at the same time, with the rise of temperature and precipitation is expected to increase, the primary pollutant particulate concentration in May to September this year, Xining city will decline, if not increase motor vehicle and two dust control efforts, in adverse weather conditions, will Xining ambient air quality caused by continuous improvement negative influence. We worry about things happened, compared to the first quarter of the bad environment air quality, air quality in Xining in the second quarter and did not increase with the rise of temperature and precipitation have been significantly improved.

Xining environmental air quality continues to deteriorate the main reason based on a recent report about improving Xining’s air quality documents provided by the Xining municipal government on schedule, namely "Xining City air pollution comprehensive management plan". Today, this document is doing the final improvement and modification, will be officially released.

the more than and 30 page document, from the city dust control, vehicle exhaust pollution control, industrial pollution, coal dust pollution rectification rectification, ecological protection and construction of six aspects, will focus on the rectification of air environment quality in Xining. In order to implement the execution of the program by the Xining Municipal People’s Congress, the government, the CPPCC responsible person in charge of the lead, the Construction Committee, urban management, public security, real estate and other departments of the four district government to focus on participation. Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official said, air pollution is related to Xining ecological text;