College students and students to generate the mainstream network Entrepreneurship

ten years ago, college students start a new word. Ten years later, college students have become commonplace phenomenon. At present, the main force of innovation and entrepreneurship has become a college graduate and overseas students. Internet era for college students to find their own entrepreneurial platform.

"innovation and entrepreneurship in the management of policy incentives is rising rapidly, its quality and efficiency significantly improved than the last century in 80s, in 90s two the entrepreneurial boom, university graduates and students returned to venture into double force. According to the survey in 2015 the proportion of newly graduated college students nearly doubled, more than 10 million of the country’s network of entrepreneurial groups accounted for 60% of College students." Deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission deputy inspector Meng Xiantang said at a news conference.

On the morning of

13, the national development and Reform Commission on public entrepreneurship peoples innovation week launch conference held. At the meeting Meng Xiantang introduction, in 2014 nearly 400 thousand returned overseas students in the selection of their own business in the first half of this year, the country’s new market players grew by 15%, of which new enterprises grew by 19%. The third industry accounted for more than 80%, the new enterprise operating assets reached 2 trillion in revenue of 8, 100, GDP growth of 0.4 percentage points to pull. A large number of new market players become an important channel to absorb labor employment. The return of migrant workers is an increase of the number of 3.1%, individual industrial and commercial households practitioners grew by 11.6%, new enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households average promote employment reached 7.5 people and 2.8 people, including Shanghai new enterprise employment driven effect reached above 1:10.

note that, although the number of enterprises continued to rise, but it can maintain the operation more than three years the number of enterprises is still slow growth. Not recommended the balance of quantity and quality