For Earth’s harvest — yindajihuang project series two

called Qinghai "a number of water conservancy project" yindajihuang project, the land, mountains, ravines, obstructions, complex geology. From the domestic and foreign various builders in Shan hole, when Gou Bridge, the geological structure is difficult to encounter expected and unexpected situation. Among them, the main canal water diversion tunnel Dabanshan as cited economic difficult Huang project and most difficult, whether the smooth progress become the key to the whole project.

July 31st, the reporters came to the inlet of the diversion tunnel of iron Mai Cun Su Ji Tan Xiang, Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, river water diversion project started in July 2008 is the hub of the main project completion. Riding a small train into the tunnel construction site, along with the project director Zhao Bingxing along the way to introduce the progress of construction.

diversion of the main canal tunnel length 24.2km, 3 km of the main entrance of the project using artificial drilling blasting excavation, with a time of 7 years, completed in October 2011. For the 2012 rush deadlines, and Italy CMC company signed a "rush construction agreement", decided to import a TBM increase of 3 kilometers. In March 18th this year, the TBM began digging, by the end of the year 2135 meters have been completed in the excavation of the tunnel by the year of July 31st."

in the deep tunnel, the reporter in front of more than 20 meters long with a TBM boring machine lying in the tunnel, the tunnel wall behind it has built the installation is complete.

"TBM TBM tunnel construction equipment set machine, light, electricity, gas, liquid, sensing, information technology, has a high degree of automation, fast construction, high quality and high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and other advantages. At the same time, the utility model can be used for the operation of rock breaking, mucking, supporting, pipe wall lining, etc.. Through the basic completion of the tunnel is to speed up the progress of the construction of the best ideal construction machinery."

has such a good tool, water diversion project will not be completed in advance?

with this question, the reporter went to a row over the Dabanshan tunnel outlet of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Township Village nullah treasure, and then take the train to enter the construction site 7 kilometers. The water level inside the tunnel flooded tracks, wearing overalls, boots, sitting in a simple carriage to feel the temperature from hot to cold and heat changes, the more deep breath more boring hole.

under the small train, walking the foot of the flood, with a moderate water seepage, a pedestrian boarded a TBM boring machine and walked more than 20 meters, the front of the smoke enveloped, straight choking throat itching. An excavator is digging the rock debris from the bypass hole. More and more water seepage, bypassing the bypass hole, TBM roadheader diameter of nearly 6 meters of the knife plate in front of.


, hydropower production technology minister Cheng Weiping told reporters that in October 2006, TBM from the water outlet to April 2008, when driving, driving after the completion of the 6762km, F4 and F5 had broken fault zone, TBM was the first rock cave machine. To 2010 1;