Property transfer between husband and wife exempt from deed tax

now between husband and wife property certificate transfer procedures, do not pay tax? In March 12th, the reporter learned from real estate transaction hall, in fact in accordance with the relevant national real estate license transaction related notice, our city is also strictly implement the provisions of the housing ownership change Mianzhengxieshui, which is good news for many people this transaction demand.

According to the notification

shortly before the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued jointly, between husband and wife housing, land ownership change Mianzhengqishui, and the new policy changes may exist between husband and wife all forms of housing ownership are made clear, that is to say, in the future, whether the property card name, plus, minus name, or change the real estate shares, will be exempt from deed tax, which makes many families can save a lot of money. After the implementation of this policy around the country, in fact, the real estate transaction department staff also simplifies the procedures. According to reports, now, the couple just holding a real estate license, proof of the province, the marriage certificate can be transferred to the city real estate transaction hall for registration, the cost is only 100 yuan registration fee.

City real estate transaction hall staff told reporters that many couples often house property card name screenwriters, between husband and wife is scanty for real estate license transfer rules and procedures, as long as the thought for the transfer, the other party can also buy a house. In fact, from the provisions of the marriage law, the marriage during the existence of real estate regardless of who is in the name of the registration of the common property of the husband and wife, the two sides, the transfer of real estate license does not make any sense.