Last year, the city pension 3 billion 800 million

reporter learned from the municipal social insurance administration, the city in 2013 for the 146 thousand enterprise pension insurance for urban workers pension payment of $3 billion 800 million.

our city since 2005 to 2013 for 9 consecutive years raised the basic pension for enterprise retirees treatment, annual per capita growth of more than 10%. In 2013 the city’s enterprise retirees pension per capita reached 1990 yuan. Strengthen the supervision of funds, effectively prevent the behavior of pension impersonator, defrauding. City Social Security Bureau through the public security household registration database and corporate retirees database comparison, the survival of local enterprises retirees certification. Live in the field of enterprise retirees to visit the field certification. At the same time, the establishment of the impersonator defrauding pension reward system. 146 thousand of the city’s retirement pension for all enterprises to implement the socialization of the bank, the socialization of the issuance rate of up to 100%. 20 per month before the Social Security Bureau will after accounting for 146 thousand retirees pension to the bank on behalf of, on behalf of the bank in full by pension payments to retirees will account for 20 days before the month. City Social Security Bureau to carry out the entire process of monitoring the whole process of pension payment, security fund security.