Make a positive contribution to the construction of the rich, civilized, harmonious and beautiful ne

1 18, the provincial people’s Congress delegation to consider the work report of the provincial people’s congress. The delegates agreed that the report focused and effective measures, embodies the organic unity of the party’s leadership, the people are the masters of the rule of law, reflects the pragmatic development, service oriented work, fully reflects the provincial people’s Congress, pragmatic people, thorough and solid work style, the report summarizes the results of seeking truth from facts, objective and comprehensive arrangement clear thinking and effective measures, pragmatic.

deliberations, the delegates believe that in 2016, the provincial people’s Congress to focus on playing the role of the party, strengthen the guidance of the general election, to promote the reform of the rule of law. Play a leading role in the legislation and the role of the city and the autonomous region to give local legislative power to promote scientific legislation and democratic legislation. Promote the transformation and upgrading, promoting people’s livelihood reform, maintaining harmony and stability, innovative ways and means. Two room and one platform to further accelerate the construction of the proposal to further increase the intensity of the motion, contact representatives and further strengthen the work of the masses.

delegates suggested in the deliberations, to further strengthen the training and education of grass-roots deputies, and improve the overall quality of the people’s congresses at all levels on behalf of the National People’s Congress team, really play the functions, the representatives of the people for the people to play the responsibilities. Local people’s congresses at all levels should strengthen exchanges, provincial people’s Congress to strengthen the county, township two people’s Congress to help guide the work of the city, county, Township People’s Congress to carry out better work.

during the meeting, delegates said, to give full play to the role of deputies in the promotion of sustained and healthy economic development and promoting the ecological environment be enthusiastic and press on, in the protection of the momentum is in to protect and improve people’s livelihood, strengthen social governance and action, in solidly strengthen and standardize the political life of the party to take a brave and for the rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful building to make a positive contribution.