Mourning world harmonious Qinghai famous painting and calligraphy exhibition in Xining

In October 20th, held to meet the party’s eighteen big victory, in the old day is approaching, the provincial CPPCC office, provincial committee, Provincial Committee on aging, Chinese artists painting and three Qinghai Arts Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly organized the first "mourning world and harmonious Qinghai" as the theme of the famous painting and calligraphy exhibition in Xining publicity exchange activities held at the provincial museum.

the event with the inheritance of the culture of filial piety, propaganda great beauty of Qinghai, help the elderly cause, promote civilized and harmonious "for the purpose of the exhibition in the form of publicity, promote the Chinese filial piety culture, social harmony and sing the main theme of" mourning world ", actively promote the traditional virtues of respecting and loving the old, the elderly. The event was held in Xining City, the largest, and one of the most spectacular lineup to promote the culture of filial piety is the main purpose of painting and calligraphy exchange activities, is China’s cultural construction and spiritual civilization construction results in an important exhibition in Xining. The exhibition was a total of more than 300 well-known artists from the domestic exhibition of nearly 500 outstanding works. The exhibition also exhibited a part of the higher value of the tiger, horse, etc. twenty hundred giant scroll and special embroidery work. During the event, the national and provincial calligraphy and painting famous painter at the scene display art, ink brush, to carry out exchanges. (author: Qi Guobiao)