Hefei metro line four, line five starts soon recognized – win business

metro line four and line five construction caused more attention, a lot of people want to know when the Hefei metro line four and line five, before they can start. With the subway, people in Hefei travel, will be more convenient, but also won the recognition of the people, to the vast number of consumers have brought a different experience.

3 26 July from Anhui Hefei public resources trading group was informed that the civil engineering package of the two subway lines have been completed open bidding, 12 construction units have been determined, the fastest this month at the end of next month, at the beginning of the preparatory work, the organization can then start.

according to the tender, line 4 and line 5 is expected to officially start in March 30th. According to the current civil construction plan, two lines, the construction of the contract period of 12 tenders in about 1000 days, of which the construction of line 4 slightly more difficult.


started the line four and line five is about to begin, to choose suitable in many bidding units is not easy, many people said, Hefei railway opened, will bring great convenience to people’s travel, win more recognition, this is the biggest advantage of Hefei rail transit.

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