Anhui online shopping needs careful commodity prices fraud

the Internet provides convenience for our life, the most fundamental change is the significant way of shopping, but when shopping on the Internet, the price of goods is still questionable! Anhui Province, the three quarter of 2016 the price reporting center received complaints consulting recently released, the unfair price behavior, frequent sales of goods from the previous price fraud phenomenon, mainly concentrated in Hefei and a city expanded to all prefecture level city.

reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Price Bureau, in the three quarter of this year, Anhui province price reporting center at all levels to accept the price of a report to consult a total of 3647 complaints, went through a total of 3299. Where the price of complaints investigated and dealt with 380, the implementation of economic sanctions, $386 thousand and 920. From the complaint and the number of distribution, the improper price behavior 263, property management fees and real estate prices, the public parking lot parking fees, the price of drugs and medical services, transportation charges which accounted for the top 5 complaints.

the vast number of consumers in the online shopping time, the price of goods for goods than three, can effectively avoid their losses! In the improper price behavior, the sells the commodity price to cheat the phenomenon to be frequent, from before mainly concentrates in Hefei, Wuhu, Fuyang and so on few cities further expands to all prefecture level cities. Consumers mainly reflect the problems of sales of goods suspected of price fraud, this is the main problem of original fiction, false labeling of price induced consumption, settlement price is higher than the price, price or price promotional picture text.

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