Gem rose 4.56% win over the logic behind the cyclical stocks rose

gem once fell to let very many entrepreneurs is very depressed, after the fall, super weekend warm breezes and very warm, the gem rose 4.56% over cyclical stocks. Let’s take a look at the gem!

3 12, ", a line of " will be responsible for Zhou Xiaochuan, Shang Fulin, three, attended the press conference, in response to domestic and foreign reporters a variety of hot topics in finance,. " a line of three will be " the relevant person in charge of the speech, especially the new chairman of the SFC Liu Shiyu on the stock market, the market is generally seen as good news for A shares. When a lot of people are still debating whether this week’s market is the growth stocks or cyclical stocks led the time, the gem in March 14th to 4.56% of the increase, to prove to the market that they are the real protagonist.

3 14 July morning, the gem refers to tiaokonggaokai after the shock rise, the biggest intraday rose more than 5%. Gem refers to touch the day after the highest point of 2048.50 points, although somewhat lower, but still close at the top of the 2000 point integer mark.

" I have always thought that as long as the market to stabilize, as the representative of the gem growth stocks will inevitably lead the market, what value of cyclical stocks, stocks can not compete with. If the gem can show a continuous upward trend, then the basic can confirm that the so-called ‘cyclical stocks spring’ view is a false proposition. ", an investor in the hands of the current GEM stocks, said optimistically.

rose the logic behind