Cake shop can invest

our life has become easier and more enjoyable because of the cakes and desserts. This is our life can not eat every day, but must eat one of the food, coupled with the birthday cake candles to eat a traditional, so that investors invest in the cake shop a big pen.

Fresh food is

(in the shop about 10 square meters for example): start the assets of about 95 thousand yuan investment in equipment: 1 2 5000 yuan rent of about 2000 yuan (including facade decoration decoration and light box) 3 shelves and sell Taiwan investment of about 1500 yuan and 4 employees (2) uniform 500 yuan 5 machine equipment the biggest investment: 80 thousand yuan (including outfit cake) into the first payment: flour, butter and other raw materials, about 6000 yuan.

from the profit of view, investors can quickly recover the cost after a cake shop, as long as you into the store’s location must be correct, the business is hot, allows you to easily make money. So it’s a wise choice to invest in a cake shop!