Always stick meat make money – Lo join

market has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. Today Xiaobian introduce a straight stick Lo meat? For small business venture, it is very wise, very powerful choice!

has joined the cause meat bars Lo food experts and media praise and attention, some well-known domestic media has given the detailed reports. National Journal of market information reported on the bar has been a special report, causing no small stir. CCTV seven sets of "the rich" column group director Duan Xudong, chief reporter sent a report group traveled from Beijing to Dandong to carry out special shooting, and in the evening of October 11, 2005, 12 at noon, in the special CCTV seven sets of "the rich" column broadcast with "money shoe Bachu wealth" as the theme. Only two months apart, the majority of the audience’s request, in the evening of December 12th, at noon on the second day of the replay, during the CCTV’s two sets of "fortune story" is also described in detail. Has been a good product once again caused a sensation in the market, increasing visibility. At the end of 10, the national press "market information" reporter for the "straight stick" interviews, with a page with "traditional business products transparent cutout of the road to riches" as the title of "stick" a series of reports. At the end of 11, "market information" request of the readers, and to always stick meat and then tell the reader Lo "in the title, the report published in the November 22nd issue of" market information ", for readers interested in things, a detailed reply is true. "Modern marketing" magazine has also been reported, at the same time, the major sites have also been publicity. Has always been more popular, deeply rooted.

has joined the policy and management of meat stick Lo excellent management, have a strict process, this is to ensure the quality of products. After 10 years of painstaking research and development efforts, from the beginning of the selection of numerous varieties in the emergence of the eight categories of the more than and 30 varieties. "Stick" food color, taste and aroma of genuine goods at a fair price, first-class, people do not eat not to know, I can not forget to eat, eat also eat enough, long aftertaste.


enjoy delicious food? The choice of business has been joined great Lo meat? An open their own stores have been great Lo meat, the business must be very good. So, join has been great Lo mee, what are you waiting for?