Drum washing machine ten brands list

live at home, in a variety of appliances, washing machines can not be a natural. After all, the washing machine is to be used in each family, how to choose the washing machine but is still a hard question every housewife. Washing machine brand on the market so much, how to choose the right price, the quality of the washing machine is not easy, what brand of washing machine is the best? If you want to know what brand washing machine is best to first understand the washing machine brand list, to enter the list of brands are better in all aspects, their products are worth buying.

washing machine semi-automatic washing machine washing machine manual from the start, to fully automatic washing machine, washing machine dry now, to appear such as sterilization, automatic washing machine and deodorization function model, it can be said through a long course of development. Now washing machine has become a good helper at home, for everyone to reduce an important household chores. Naturally, with this huge market, there are a lot of washing machine manufacturers to join the ranks of competition. The face of the market a wide range of washing machine brands, how should we choose? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the drum washing machine ten brands list.

drum washing machine ten brands list of Whirlpool


(China) Investment Co. Ltd., the world brand, with nearly a hundred years of history, is the world’s largest manufacturer of large household appliances, operations in more than and 170 countries around the world. The washing machine in the antiwind odds and separation type water flow and heating technology is unique and innovative.


is designed for a different background, the different needs of consumers around the world to provide clothing and fabric care nursing experts of perfect solution. Whirlpool takes care of the different needs of consumers, and can provide fabric care most consumer demand for solutions. As the world’s only focus on the whole series of large household appliances manufacturers, Whirlpool is committed to providing high-quality products for the global consumer appliances, the product involves washing machine / dryer, microwave oven, refrigerator, air conditioning, kitchen lampblack machine, dishwasher, oil heating and household kitchen garbage processor 9 series of years with sales of $about 18000000000.

drum washing machine, one of the top ten brands – Haier Haier

Haier Group Company, founded in 1984 in Qingdao China world, the first brand of white home appliance, ten drum washing machine brand, China most respected enterprises, brand TOP10 in the consumer electronics industry leading, 5 consecutive years topped the overall leadership Chinese mainland enterprises list first. Asian brand 500, world brand, China famous trademark, washing machine brand of the ten.

Haier as a well-known home appliance brands, naturally needless to say, China Haier