How to join – grandpa’s store Ruko


Rico grandpa’s shop? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. Ruko joined grandpa shop, choose to join a significant advantage, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, no doubt, is a very wise choice is not?

How to join

Rico grandpa shop? To Grandpa’s Rico store? Many friends mentioned when Grandpa joined the shop Rico feel more angry, of course, no one will join success. So, let me introduce a franchise store information Ruko grandpa


joined the shop can avoid grandpa Ruko alone, fight a lone battle risk. Ruko grandpa agreed to headquarters in the major media, including long-term TV advertising, making the franchise jointly enhance the brand image, the "Ruko grandpa" which is a popular brand.

Ruko grandpa shop can

joined technology activities Everfount and new varieties of information, optimize the operation, easy to grasp the business opportunities. Grandpa joined the Rico shop, a unified chain management system, unified image of the store clerk; unified clothing; unified shop procedures; so you don’t have to worry about a lack of experience, the headquarters for all programs for your shop.

Ruko grandpa’s shop to join the project, is a very powerful choice, also very business choice. If you join the project of Rico grandpa shop, is also very interested, so don’t hesitate! Act quickly!