A VP monologue from working dog to entrepreneurial Wolf

to understand the success of a successful person, often can make themselves closer to success. This is a self VP transformation after a year of self summary, he chose the occasion of Valentine’s day and we declare. The story is very simple, said the professional managers have a dream of entrepreneurship, in the experience of the brand after the accumulation of mixed circles themselves out of business.

2004 graduated 2013, entrepreneurship, here among large and small companies for ten years, for many fabulous story, my business is the prequel to "work", and not how many wonderful stories can be worth mining.

when working on the surface and most people like to have a nine to five, Hanlaobaoshou day and I, the only difference is I very early and the boss Frank "don’t spend on me too much effort in training, don’t talk about the company’s ideal and future planning and I and don’t give me the stock, I can not play a lifetime work." This makes the boss hate teeth itch.