Community entrepreneurship employment forum held in Beijing

in order to let more young people with innovative thinking, can be more in-depth understanding of the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship, the koala community assistance plan held in Beijing "community employment forum", exciting content not to be missed!

3 30, sponsored by the China Social Welfare Foundation community development fund, koala community mutual aid program – Community entrepreneurship employment forum held in Beijing.

  China according to social welfare foundation community development fund Deputy Secretary General Shao Ye introduced the "heart warming project – Koala community cooperation program is jointly set up by Mr. Chinese and koala Social Welfare Foundation community development fund in 2015. The project by Mr. koala Internet platform to build a community, community organizations and community of caring people, the community of Internet public service platform, to provide day care services for the elderly, for children to open at half past four classroom, carry out extensive community activities, and for the community to solve practical problems, and promote community harmony.

"community employment forum" is "a community activity heart warming project – Koala community mutual plan" carried out, aimed at helping the community employment difficulties groups to participate in community services and build community neighborhood mutual caring atmosphere, promote community harmony. Activities planned for the period from March 22, 2016 to 30, were held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, four classroom activities, inviting local governments and Internet entrepreneurs to attend.

entrepreneurship policy interpretation, community convenience services and mobile Internet page experts through the relevant personnel sharing community business related information, combined with the actual case invited successful entrepreneurs to share successful experience, formed a theory and practice of other entrepreneurial activities, help the community businesses and entrepreneurs to better realize the dream of entrepreneurship, promote community the quality of service, improve the level of community life, community harmony.

"today to participate in the activities of the community may be entrepreneurs, or will soon become a community of entrepreneurs. Welcome to participate in community mutual assistance program, to become a contributing to the cause of public welfare. I believe that this will become a powerful force to promote the development of community services."   Shao ye stressed.



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