Cosmetics franchise stores to do what will be the impact of promotion

is now a lot of stores are preferred to use promotional methods to attract consumer attention, especially cosmetics franchise chain, from time to time to do an activity, so that consumers can have a richer choice. Promotion is a good thing, if the right solution, then what is the beneficial impact on the store business? Let’s look at the analysis.

(1) to promote the turnover of

promotional activities, cosmetics chain stores to join the turnover will play a significant role in promoting.

increased traffic. In cosmetics franchise chain, the increase in passenger traffic is the basis for expanding sales. Cosmetics chain stores to increase the number of customer consulting, indicating that the increase in the number of tourists. The shop can attract a large number of customers to come to consult through the proper promotion.

improve overall merchandise sales. The main features of promotional activities is none, just let the customers feel that compared with the usual, is indeed get real benefits, the purchase will significantly enhance the consciousness, the store will be a corresponding increase in product sales.

stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. Another role is to promote the sale of those who had no plans to join the chain of cosmetics customers in the consumer, to effectively attract and draw. This part of the population is likely to become a reality or potential consumer groups.

(2) to promote commodity turnover

only the turnover of goods increased, to be able to expand the amount of profit, promotion will undoubtedly play this role.

is conducive to the effective promotion of new products and new service items. With the development of promotional activities, some new technologies, new products and new services will emerge. The personnel involved in promotional activities than usual to ten times or even several times, the advertising effect is very prominent. Therefore, the beauty of the brand shop owner is very keen on the use of promotional methods, timely introduction of new products and new services. This method does not need to invest a lot, through the widespread dissemination of information between customers, to a large extent, improve the credibility of new products, new services.

to promote the sale of unsalable goods, reduce inventory backlog, revitalize liquidity. Cosmetics franchise chain can not be no unsalable goods, these unsalable goods occupy a lot of liquidity. The emergence of promotional activities, some of the temptation to sell some of the goods is also very strong, there will be many customers to buy. There are some of the backlog of beauty products, but also at this time in a different way to customers. As a result, the mobilization of liquidity.

(3) to promote cosmetics recommend