Do a good job of product display so that higher product sales

different shopkeepers, the importance of the work of the display of the product will be different, because of this, each shop presents to consumers in front of the visual sense of nature will not be the same. In short, the current variety of goods are in a variety of attitude constantly impact our eyes. Indeed, through the beautiful and effective display will make consumers feel fresh, stimulate consumer desire to buy. In terms of the special fast food products, the role of visual marketing is not to be underestimated.

At present,

can be divided into four types: price center, production center, visual center, color center.

price center to price echelon arrangement put cigarette, its advantage is relatively simple and can be quickly put on display, customers can easily choose the appropriate price of cigarettes. But at the same time, this sort of way will weaken the promotion of specific brands of cigarettes, is not conducive to the store to sell cigarettes, so that the target cigarette attention is low.

is the center of origin to the origin of the central idea to distinguish the cigarette cigarette display, which has a strong advantage, which can reflect the characteristics of the cigarette industrial company, retail customers if the product line is very wide, can reflect the various industrial company lines and category characteristics, enhance consumer brand of memory, but also can the cigarette shows around the country characteristics.

visual center is the degree of severity of the visual center of the customer to place the cigarette, the advantage is that it can push the main brand, new cigarettes focus on the introduction of visual means. But to do this, you need to study a large number of customers to collect information on the visual location. Grasp the visual center is more difficult. In addition, due to the impact of the surrounding environment, the display of commodity contrast, the original visual center may also be subject to interference.

color center with color packaging placed cigarettes, its advantage is excellent overall effect, visual comfort is good, but for a brand a cigarette to highlight the specifications, and will be extremely weak sales price level, lack of pertinence, not suitable for commercial display alone.

each way will play a different role, for the store’s sales will naturally play a different kind of help. Obviously, these four methods have more obvious advantages and disadvantages, how to avoid weaknesses, to play the best utility, will be the first task of cigarette display. To display the sales promotion, launch new products become a good helper, need to make a key placed in the center of thought, put to have a sense of rhythm, the density, the effective use of goods can be combined with lightness, saturation, contrast and shopping environment, the lights, the cigarette as soon as possible to display the overall comfort and focused feeling.