College Students’ entrepreneurial enthusiasm high colleges and universities how to react

now college students entrepreneurship has become a trend, which requires teachers to focus on students to complete their studies have a great conflict, in the face of high school students, how to deal with college? In a few years ago, entrepreneurship, may be dismissed as "worthless". But now, entrepreneurial boom, has quietly entered the University campus.

4 8 days to 10 days, the 2016 China US forum and the Sino US creating innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in Qingdao, hundreds of entrepreneurial team including 16 overseas team, respectively, around the mobile Internet, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection and new materials and other types of projects of fierce competition, the team won 4 first prize places China. The contest has been in Washington, Houston, Chicago and Silicon Valley, as well as Shanghai, Ji’nan and Qingdao Chinese held preliminaries, a total of more than and 500 entrepreneurial team in.


"into the newspaper to the end, to lay down their luggage joined a communications company’s marketing team, won the second company in the agency." Before the university has been learning tyrants, Liu Peichao, overnight as if a man. It can be said that the entire university during the venture."

in the university campus, like Liu Peichao recommended