The ability to retain repeat environment is very important

who doesn’t want to keep more repeat customers? However, repeat customers are not saying that they want to have it, which depends on the choice of the customer’s own shopping. With the development of society, people’s consumption concept has changed from "commodity demand" to "shopping enjoyment". In the past, the majority of consumers into the store just to buy the goods they need, this is a kind of pure pursuit of material, and now consumers into the store and perhaps not in the pursuit of material, as well as their spiritual needs.

we can often see that some consumers to the mall, the supermarket is just a turn, take a look, did not buy any goods. Why is there such a phenomenon? To put it bluntly, is the mall, supermarket environment, comfortable and pleasant, which attracted these consumers. Therefore, the store environment is also a very important aspect in the retail business, is the key point to attract customers and win repeat customers.

is located in a mining area in Yima city "grand mall", is a company with eight years of experience in retail shops. This shopping mall is located in a large scale, only the commodity sales area has five floors, the local is also a small well-known shopping malls. Since the opening of the mall, the business has been very prosperous, especially every day into the store repeat customers very much.

even in the current economic crisis, the store’s business remains the same, without the slightest landslide. The reason why there is such a good operating performance, not because of its size, location, but its store environment is very attractive to customers. "The beautiful environment here is a picture, in this shopping is a kind of enjoyment." A repeat customer who has been here for five years.

according to the author’s observation, the store’s shopping environment has four main features:

: business atmosphere in the shop wall above, signs hung shop posters and advertising, from more than ten top down color floor five different banners, dozens of balloon flying high in the roof, flags, neon lights, light everywhere, not only give us the visual impact, let a person this is a place for shopping, and gorgeous appearance not only highlight the noble and popular highlights, very suitable for all levels of consumer patronage.

comfortable atmosphere: the first layer of the mall, which is just inside the door, the space is very large, spacious and no debris, unlike some shops in the face is a variety of goods, to give people a dazzling sense. On the first floor close to the wall around the set only "shopping card" and "redeem", "commodity degaussing", "customer information" and "customer complaints", "delivery office" seven counter, as we usually say "the government affairs hall". Centralized office, very convenient for customers and service.