Entrepreneurship incubation is not important to follow the understanding of the substantive signific

now a variety of policies continue to advance, many people began to pay close attention to the problem of entrepreneurship. In particular, those entrepreneurial cafe is a dream to become a gathering place, a variety of venture incubation base, entrepreneurial institutions have begun to rise. Everyone is following the trend, but it seems to really understand the true meaning of the wrong.

"public record" is not old wine in new bottles, but not to change a brand, change a statement. I comb some provinces and cities to support the introduction of the policy found, despite the different expressions, but the support of the science and technology policy mentioned, all kinds of funds and the guidance of the team of experts, and so the total gives a sense of deja vu.

For example, a

, "each of the municipalities and districts to build not less than 2 – 3 business incubators (Park), each county (city) to build at least 1 business incubators (Park)." This provision really elusive, given conditions mature listing guidance, but no ground for blame, mandatory the number of incubators is determined by the market and the environment, is there too, "spoil things by excessive enthusiasm" and that conditions are not said to have to have, even if there is a condition that spread the "pie" behind the some local policy, otherwise it will become the pattern.

in fact, due to follow the trend and lead to "a feather" examples are not uncommon. In Jiangxi province a provincial entrepreneurial base of small enterprises as an example, according to public information, the base has been listed for 10 years, at the beginning of the construction was announced: the construction of the villa style aspiring workshop class, support 500 small businesses, the best mode to build a small enterprise base in Jiangxi. Who come after the opening, the base is in recession, the original plan to introduce the IT industry, the cultural industry has become the logistics warehouse, food processing workshop.

is not difficult to see, copy the successful experience of other areas, especially the need to consider the characteristics of local capital, talent and other conditions, not in order to cater to the "slogan", a large number of formal institutions herd, likewise, is not to meet the "air" caused by the policy of "conflict".

in support of national level under the condition of local government "baton" is the key. According to the above documents, the "stick" to refer to, will inevitably cause entrepreneurs holding speculative mentality, staring at the government do innovation, get the money even if not innovation, Everything will be fine., not recommended