Do you use the nternet model to do condoms

with the development of the times, the role of the Internet is growing! In my side, there is a friend of the authors to hesitate to join a "Internet mode" to subvert Durex and other "traditional" security companies cause. Listen to the first, and is similar to a pancake, sirloin marketing story, many authors have to persuade the writer friend, repent and be saved, Internet thinking rotten street, to break the Internet with condoms, ideal needs to deal with a variety of practical problems of romance.

and then improved. 0.03mm thinner than x lace, easier to open, to distinguish between positive and negative, single hand open sets, top technology, import sales, Malaysia latex, and apple with a packaging factory production of square packaging, etc.. A lot of bright spots, perhaps there will always be a hit you.

they adopted C2B monthly subscription model and group purchase mode, to buy more expensive. The monthly order mode of the water has been a lot of people, the number of dead live less, sell socks do not sell underwear, selling sanitary napkins made of. Careful analysis, socks, underwear is not suitable for the monthly subscription, for the masses, they haven’t reached the level of disposable consumables, sanitary napkins and condoms are not, they are and must be disposable items, very suitable for a monthly subscription.