Join the shop business plan sample

new year entrepreneurs began a new plan. Before the start of a detailed business plan is very necessary, then the west restaurant, for example, a list of the contents of a business plan.

1, entrepreneurial goals

to create an elegant environment, first-class service restaurant, located in the district to provide consumers with first-class dining environment and first-class Western-style food catering service.

2, market positioning


"petty bourgeoisie" restaurant is located on the XX business district delicacy street as a delicacy street only west restaurant, unlike other fast-food restaurants, the restaurant can provide customers with an elegant, comfortable, casual dining environment and better service.

grade (2)

"petty bourgeoisie" restaurant aims to create a warm and romantic style, give customers aristocratic enjoyment, and guide consumers to change consumer attitudes advocating nature and pursuing health etc..

(3) target customers

3, management philosophy

4, product introduction

with fast food, Chinese and western, Chinese and Western style food, stew Jiong ace staple food packages, snacks, desserts, and beauty drink water to meet the needs of consumers.

signsFor example:

according to seasonal changesFor example:

5, marketing strategy

mainly take the mid-range price strategy recommended