Xiamen double entrepreneurs gathered a large coffee

look at the current market environment, more and more people choose to start their own business development. In the national entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, a lot of outstanding entrepreneurs have emerged for innovation and entrepreneurship has made its own contribution, reflecting its own value.

yesterday afternoon, the eighth session of the forum important sub – "create a future cross-strait industry pioneer" exchange a series of activities in the Haicang free trade zone ended. Three days, the activities focus on public entrepreneurship, innovation ", through the forum, matchmaking, show a play, arouse the innovation spark, attracted many guests on both sides and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young people involved, the" double "ecological tide channel.

a pioneer forum

venture to share the great experience of youth to encourage young people to be confident

in a pioneer forum, from both sides of the Strait of well-known investors, business mentor, the representatives of each stage, from the Internet, the cultural and creative industries such as the sharing of business secret in many industries for cross-strait youth.

this era, alone is not a way to find a good partner, build the team is an essential element of entrepreneurial success. Two young people with entrepreneurship, is a very good choice." Hugo workshop founder said Mao Daqing, Taiwan area young people active thinking, broaden horizons, relatively young, uncompetitive, coupled with the mainland market, funds, development space is wide, pushing the development of cross-strait youth is "best" choice.

a product Witkey founder CEO Huang Guohua with their own practical experience, from the "five no" to create a well-known Internet Co process, so that the presence of many young people excited, eager.

to participate in today’s forum harvest a lot, a lot of entrepreneurship is also a big coffee from the grassroots step by step up, and their experience gave me a lot of confidence and encouragement, they share the experience I benefited." Specially came to participate in the forum of Jimei University navigation college freshman Jiang Yuchi said in an interview with reporters.

youth entrepreneurship contest

cross-strait youth entrepreneurship brave dream five projects into the national semi-finals hit off by the dream of "2016 cross-strait youth entrepreneurship contest XiaMen Railway Station activities excitement Zhidong of aquaponics sleep monitoring system, sleepmanVR system, intelligent video security surveillance, the 8 participating teams, and the District of Taiwan in order to roadshow for the audience to bring in life and health, IOT networking, cultural creativity, e-commerce and Internet plus 5 industries such as new products exhibition.

After the end of the

roadshow, 4 well-known instructors in Taiwan, the introduction of 6 mainland investors