Coffee shop investment needs to know

China’s economic support on the one hand is a large investment, and now the Chinese people in the hands of more than one will think of money to invest in many of these investors choose to invest in coffee shop. Said the stock market is a risk, the investment need to be cautious, in fact, any investment should be carefully chosen, you need to join the coffee shop to clear the following five points:

is the first position description: clear what you want to look like a cafe, this is the shop process is a key ring, clear out your own ideas, so as to better find suitable for their own brand, let the coffee brand better for you to design a coffee shop style. Now the market is also more flexible brands, such as MY ZONE COFFEE (my coffee), is customizable to join the brand, store types, area of large span, a post industrial American style, LOFT style, rustic style and other fresh style options, investors have the right to choose relatively more.

second is listed financing: rent, renovation, equipment, materials and documents for the fees and other costs, estimates of revenues, these brands and should be more communication and clear analysis of the costs, to join the shop experience brands rich and forecast of the market risk, can help the franchisee a better estimate of the funds needed.

third is the site selection: the search for the ideal location, rent, housing structure is the most basic conditions. Store choice can even determine the life and death of a store, the general responsible for the brand side will conduct a comprehensive examination in the early days, not to make money store location is not recommended for investors to choose.

fourth: recruitment to recruitment positioning is that before the management structure and the number required, also need to consider the recruitment channels; the general brand will assist in recruitment, and professional training for staff, like MY ZONE COFFEE and other brands will have zero based training courses, to ensure that employees started quickly, and professional supervision to guide the operation of store. Nevertheless, it is necessary to master the professional knowledge of coffee as a boss.

fifth other matters: for example, as soon as possible to determine the process of handling the license, do a good job in advance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the preparation, according to the brand’s design drawings, contact the local decoration company.

above these things are very important, if you do not want to clear, there will be a lot of problems, we must deal with these problems, to avoid taking time off!