What is the only reason for failure

a talk about the failure of entrepreneurship, many people may continue to analyze a variety of reasons, heavy analysis down, suddenly found that if you do not fail to do business is not normal, it seems that entrepreneurial failure is normal. In fact, the only reason for failure is lazy.

one day a friend asked me: "you interviewed so many small and large entrepreneurs, their success is the most important factor?" I said: "diligence". He continued: what else? I said: "no, only hard". He smiled and seemed to think my answer was too simple.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs who fly, no one is not diligent. I said that there are two kinds of hard work, one is hard work, it is clear that from his work time, efficiency can be seen. I don’t elaborate on it not because it’s not important, but its importance Another kind of hard work is thinking.

start the hard way, lazy people simply can not be called a real business, whenever the start, then dead, all because of the lazy thinking. But many people tend to ignore the hard work of thinking, and hard to rely on the body to make up for the hard work. For example, anyone who has committed two or more mistakes on the same thing, as well as those who procrastinate, are typically lazy.

lazy thinking, is not willing to think about a thing.

logical thinking before the need to make full preparations, to master the basic enough information (including additional knowledge to construct the theory foundation must sort out), clear context, continuous scrutiny logical relationship between each level and then draw the conclusion. A lot of people will be able to easily accept the information in the process, and ignore the logical contradiction, and ultimately lead to the conclusion of the error. To get things right is to seize the essence of things.

lazy thinking, is not willing to set up a mechanism to prevent the problem.

when the problem occurs, not only to solve the problem, but also to investigate the reasons for the occurrence of the problem, the current system, methods and logic where there is a loophole, what is the root cause. And the establishment of a corresponding preventive mechanism to avoid the occurrence of the same problem, or may lead to other problems. The establishment of prevention mechanism is the establishment process.

lazy thinking, thinking inertia.

when others put forward objections or challenges, whether or not to refute? Or have you learned to be humble and habitually accept / ignore? Analysis of the opposition or challenges, not only need to apply the analysis in the logical framework of their own, should also try to break the logical framework of their own, try to think in the logical framework of the other party, analyzes its logic and reasonable.