How much money to open a baby swimming pool in small and medium cities

in small and medium-sized cities to open the baby swimming pool needs much money? Now the rapid development of the infant industry, but also the development potential of small and medium cities, so franchisees are very concerned about this issue. In fact, I would like to know how much money is needed, you need to understand the specific investment, do a good job to estimate the work carefully, and then look at the small series.

1, venue rental

2, renovation costs

3, equipment costs

4, personnel wages

5, utilities costs

6, certificate fee

and other stores, also need a variety of documents on the baby pool, such as business license, tax registration certificate, fire license, health permit, proof of health practitioners, for these documents about 1000 yuan.

7, publicity costs

No matter what do

, publicity is an essential part of. Publicity includes leaflets, posters, and media publicity, online publicity, organized activities, which are based on the spirit of the investor and the capital budget to choose publicity. Simple propaganda, 1000 – 2000 yuan on it.