The British Rover integrated kitchen care family health

came home from work, the kitchen came to dinner, the taste of happiness can not say. But do you know that the influence of the traditional kitchen fumes is a little erosion to the health of your family.

The older the

, the faster it will be. Day after day, days disappear silently, like drops of water disappear into the sea. Only a few decades of life, suddenly look back, I do not know the years. Life in a hurry, you can leave anything, only health is the most important, but also the only way to achieve our health is the pursuit of life. The British Rover to create a healthy kitchen space, to show a new way of modern life, so health is the first life, let you have a youthful vitality, more than others.

The British Rover

integrated stove hood can not completely solve the existing fume eradication problem, improve the kitchen environment and Home Furnishing kitchen appliances product developed, the product will be hood, cooker, disinfection cabinet, laruns together, the complete eradication of the kitchen, the last bastion of residential pollution was completely broken.

The British Rover

integrated stove not only in using the above focus on energy security, more convenient in cleaning on stress. We all know that the use of environmental protection for a period of time must be thoroughly cleaned the machine, cleaning the stove before it seems simple but actually very difficult. Of course, the so-called difficulty is not cleaning, but technical problems. In the past, when cleaning the stove, it is necessary to move the stove out of the cabinet, and then clean the inside. This method is time-consuming and laborious, and it is easy to cause damage to the floor. Now, for cleaning technology has found a perfect solution. The British Rover integrated stove with automatic cleaning function, using smoke separation technology, separation of soot can be in the process of adsorption of harmful smoke exhausted oil into the oil tank; just dump tank can easily fix.

The British

Rover integrated stove takes you to relive the kitchen smell, feel the warmth of the kitchen, taste delicious, taste happiness