Love software with a small dragon to catch up to get rich fast

90 college students entrepreneurs, after more than a year of hard work, the company has become a leader in value. This is the dream of many college students entrepreneurial achievements. Fu Xiaolong created love notes with him to get rich fast.

" love note " software sought after by students

2014 in October 24th, to pay the dragons in the circle of friends confirmed his "love notes" project Jiayuan 10 million yuan A round of financing. Fu Xiaolong was born 92 years, only more than a year’s time, from a college into successful financing of millions of entrepreneurs, this is the entrepreneurial process of a 90 most standard, fearless spirit embodied in him the most incisive. He dares to think, so bold to drop out and embark on the journey, he opened the company business, to join the venture contest, number table.

2010, on the first day of entering the University, pay little dragon said to himself, before the age of 28 to set up a listed company."

2011, for college students entrepreneurship community "Dragons joined the famous ice rock workshop, ice rock workshop is one of the most active branch of Internet technology research and entrepreneurship association.

2012 years, he asked the small partners: if you do a couple to share the application software, there will be a market?" Du Yu Fu Xiaolong, professional industrial design and computer professional computer professional Zhang Pengyu Wang Qian, the three hit it off, decided to try to develop "love notes" mobile phone APP.

2013 years, love notes on the line, the couple use the same account login, through voice, pictures, text, video, anytime, anywhere recorded love drops. By August of that year, this watch college students love pain points couple exclusive private social APP, has 150 thousand users.

2013 in July, he participated in the first contest of college students application development Qihoo 360 launched with their team. After layers of screening, love notes in one fell swoop to win 800 thousand yuan prize.

2014 in September 12th, pay dragons to participate in the Hubei college students entrepreneurship contest won second place, get a bonus of 180 thousand.

2014 in December 27th, was organized by the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Optics Valley venture coffee 2015 Qing New Year Concert issued 2014 annual firmianaplatanifolia shijie.