Liu Xing broke the tradition of doing business on the fingertips

small traditional shops with the power of modern science and technology, so that businesses continue to obtain higher recognition, which is the star of the business. Liu Xing is Guangdong County of Heyuan City, Dongyuan Xian town Huayi Street "source Fu Department" and the owner. After several years of hard work, from the store to the traditional business bleak lucrative department store, Liu Xing: "business filled with a thousand regrets to walk in front of the trend."

as the saying goes: "no goods can not be sold, only those who do not sell goods." Young Liu Xing inherits his simple and honest personality, not much, doing business is somewhat passive, recall just shop experience, Liu Xing said: "there is not enough light to do business, but also to articulate."

said that if Liu Xing is be scanty of words in real life, he is definitely in the network world, articulate, friends and chat is off the reel. As a senior bow family, he found a new business opportunities in the WeChat platform. Liu Xing set up their own shops WeChat public number, with WeChat stores gathered more popularity. As soon as he walked into his shop, "WeChat swept away, pay attention to courtesy" prompt card will come into view.


by a public number on the platform using the text, pictures, voice and video information transfer to small cigarette, to attract customers to become fixed consumer groups, but also the use of propaganda material suppliers distribute regularly carry out members of the "limited set of praise to send gifts activities, customer propaganda source Fuk Department Store in their friends circle of public No. that attracted more customers attention, let the source Fu Department store business burgeoned.

said bow family, a lot of people will not be unfamiliar, because it is almost a common problem in the current society as a whole. From indulging in the network "bow" to the business of the boss, Liu Xing completed his life transformation, breaking the traditional mode of operation, wrote his own unique business.