Lingbao City celebration of 38 cum outstanding women award ceremony

would like to encourage more women to take the lead in entrepreneurship, first of all, it should be commended women pioneer pioneer, so that they take the lead, so that more women to recognize the importance of women entrepreneurs. Therefore, the city held a celebration of Lingbao 38 and outstanding women award ceremony has a leading role.

3 8, Lingbao City held in the city hall broadcasting center to celebrate "38" and outstanding women entrepreneurs award ceremony, grand recognition of 10 "top ten outstanding women entrepreneurs" and 10 "outstanding women entrepreneurs,   celebrate the 106th" 38 "International Women’s day.

    for a number of excellent female spirit of the times and social responsibility, promote morality, integrity, a big industry, the spirit of dedication to the quality of Gan, cohesion of positive energy and transfer of women entrepreneurs, leading rural women entrepreneurs to climb the peak, in December 2015, trade unions, and Lingbao municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department the City Federation of industry and commerce, women’s federations and other units jointly carry out the "outstanding women entrepreneurs" selection activities.

after the open, fair and impartial comprehensive review and public vote, Wei Jianfang, Xing Chunxia and other 10 candidates elected to the Lingbao City "top ten outstanding women entrepreneurs, Li Peipei, Gaijuan and other 10 candidates elected as" outstanding women entrepreneurs in Lingbao city".



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