nnovation of entrepreneurs to make money

Third channels of

innovation? In a fashionable and popular society, every day is constantly changing and updating, just like every day there will be news reports, the same as the need for innovation. The dealer no matter what kind of food distribution, in addition to the traditional sense of the main channels, with the mature of market economy, the new channel will be more and more, which rely on dealers in their brains, observant, constantly looking for consistent characteristics of their own sales channels, to take the initiative, windfall.

early against the south, North Wanglaoji market, the beverage industry was not as the main channel of operation of the catering industry as the main channel of operation, after just a few years of intensive and meticulous farming, ushered in the great development. The main channel of the milk industry is generally large or super wholesale and retail outlets, this channel, when the hospital was opened, the milk competition and opened up third new channel, and sold; also like Mengniu milk with water companies to develop the school market, and the beverage industry, instant noodles industry in the development of the hotel (refer to put these drinks, food consumption for hotel guests in the room) channels are innovative third channels, of course, now these channels have been operating very mature.

The development of

in the insurance money, but also the firm faith, confidence, dignity and fear. Historical experience shows that the worst can often get the best outcome, the more sober, more scientific decision-making, the correct response to the final ranking, without risk insurance money. The private enterprise shall be in dangerous thinking and non danger.


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