nnovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance held in Yuxi nnovative Teaching Seminar

university innovation and entrepreneurship education will open a new page in 2016, for the establishment of a new year of university entrepreneurship education reform policy, the new alliance innovation (chips) held in Yuxi, the first meeting of the preparatory meeting, discuss the issue.

2016 in January 12th, the new road innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance (chips) the first meeting of the Preparatory Committee held in Yunnan, Yuxi, more than 200 members of the National Union participated in the meeting. The alliance in 2015 by the new science and technology jointly initiated the establishment of many colleges and universities nationwide, to further promote the university innovation and entrepreneurship development, explore the construction of innovative teaching mode to innovation as the theme of the efforts to jointly promote the integration of education and industry development.

transformation and development, the integration of production and education

Chinese the mode of economic development is undergoing profound changes, to rely on scientific and technological progress, improve the quality of workers and management innovation to achieve rapid economic development. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the core power of development, talent is an important resource for innovation, to provide high-level support for economic transformation and upgrading of China’s colleges and universities is an important historical mission and strategic tasks.

new way of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Alliance (chips) the establishment of the goal is to create a common platform to gather resources all the advantages of government, universities, industries and enterprises, deepen the integration of production and education, the main focus on innovation and entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial quality training and employment ability training.

new technology as a new alliance of innovation and Entrepreneurship Education (chips) one of the sponsors, President Guo Yansheng at the meeting said: "the expansion of enrollment, the" two extension "era has ended, occupation education has been strengthened; entrepreneurship, employment of the" two industry "era is beginning. In the new era, the education of innovation and innovation is the spring tide, ability and quality training is just need, curriculum system and teacher training is the key. Innovation and entrepreneurship education needs to focus on refining the system and combat, of course, can not be separated from the depth of involvement of industry enterprises. New channel technology will continue to play its own advantages, to fulfill the responsibility as the launch of the alliance unit."