Zhengzhou subway is very convenient to open the bus line

in our daily life, although many of the city subway opened, but the complicated route so many people still choose to give up, but Zhengzhou in the face of such a social phenomenon, when the opening of the subway also opened a dedicated bus channel, great convenience for people to travel. October 17th, Zhengzhou, a new bus opened a feeder line 2 subway lines, will effectively meet the needs of Zhongzhou Avenue, by the way to work along the road to the office of the three, the residents take Metro Line 2.

the end of the line site: Zhongzhou Avenue North Sanhuan – Zoo subway, via route: Zhongzhou Avenue, by three road, agricultural road, zoo subway, along the way and stop. The first and last time: 7:00 – 18:30. Fare yuan.

According to the

two bus company responsible person, since the opening of Metro Line 2, Zhengzhou two bus companies through various channels to solicit opinions and suggestions, through on-the-spot investigation, in October 17th the opening of the bus line from the Zhongzhou Avenue North Sanhuan to Huayuan Road zoo subway, public security along the subway travel demand.

in our daily lives, the city’s transportation infrastructure to improve, no doubt for our lives to provide greater convenience. Zhengzhou two bus companies will continue to open to the public, passengers for comments, if you’re on the Metro Line 2 stations, the surrounding area network layout, bus line bus lines, bus transfer Business Hours security has good comments and suggestions, you can call the two bus companies Zhengzhou hotline 63780129 or two bus companies in Zhengzhou WeChat the number of public comments, the two bus companies will be carried out to collect opinions and suggestions of the collection, according to the actual situation of open connections accordingly, to meet the travel needs of the people.

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