Want to join the octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge rice noodle these must be clear

five thousand years of Chinese history and civilization, the formation of a variety of cultural integration of the profound Chinese cultural heritage, even in terms of eating, the Chinese people can also eat a product to. China snacks on intangible cultural heritage, it must be said to have hundreds of years of history of Yunnan bridge. Among them there is such a feature of the rice noodle brand called: octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge noodle.

octagonal pavilion bridge across the main line in Yunnan rice vermicelli series, supplemented by snacks, drinks, product line has become increasingly perfect. Since the opening of the full day, with its healthy and delicious, fast and convenient features such as the rapid occupation of the surrounding market, so far stores profit rate of over 100%. So octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge rice noodle how to join it?

octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge rice noodle joining process

octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge rice noodle has the following characteristics:

1, raw materials: the use of Yunnan when the real estate vermicelli, white color, toughness, hot, refreshing and tender.

2, delicious side dishes are: quail egg, fungus, tofu skin, chicken meat and the pot boiled soup after the integration of a variety of delicious food more delicious.

3, Tang Mei: chicken bone and bone soup by boiling soup simmered, white but not muddy, add special flavor oil Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle thousands of chicken soup, fresh and not greasy!

octagonal pavilion Yunnan bridge rice vermicelli joining process is as follows:

1, on-the-spot investigation: To investigate the product taste, the company stores operating conditions, the kitchen operation process, the various departments of the company to visit and feel the corporate culture, understand the company joining policy, franchisees to do investment budget.

2, contract: after the signing of the company’s operating department, and to disclose all resources to customers.

3, the theory of training: Training Course (boss courses, financial management, operation management, office management, kitchen service personnel management).

4, site selection: investigate the store location, property base, the location of the consumer groups, the distribution of the surrounding competitors and consumption situation to determine the availability of home, home measurement.

5, decoration training: according to the investment budget, the design drawings. Procurement of equipment, materials and personnel in the decoration process. Staff to the headquarters of the direct operation of the store training. After the completion of the construction project acceptance.

6, opening preparation: the design of the group store decoration decoration layout, set up the program to determine the business group, the end of the training assessment, the company returned to the local student learning