Buy sweet potatoes to learn business to the billion dollar enterprise goals

everyone’s life is full of opportunities, not this moment, in the next second. In September 1992, Cheng Xuemei, who was only 22 years old, graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing with honors and was assigned to teach at Anhui University of Technology.

1997 in June, the party secretary of the white town of Jiangyan city when Wang Changlin travel to Beijing, an accidental opportunity, met Cheng Xuemei, "we ha Ding rice precision casting factory, plant and equipment are idle, you go, 30% shares of technology." Directed at the "technology shares" preferential conditions, with a passion for doing business, Cheng Xuemei came from the capital to the small town of the central plains.

2002 in April, American businessman John · Mr. Beim to order the shaped castings 600 thousand yuan contract, Cheng Xuemei with a "menu": the cost of material 400 thousand, 100 thousand of the production cost, operation cost, profit 50 thousand…… John · Tom saw, was shocked, said with emotion: I ran more than half of China, to get to know a lot of CEOs, as Frank as you do business, or the first encounter." Since then, John &mid>