ZTE into younger management

this is an era of innovation and entrepreneurship, the development of enterprises must inject fresh blood, the formation of a young entrepreneurial team. ZTE is currently stepping into the younger management, entrepreneurial team officially made a stick, let us take a look at their management model!

according to ZTE’s announcement, Zhao Xianming has over 22 years of management experience in the telecommunications industry and will serve as chairman and President of zte. At the same time, ZTE 30 years in charge of ZTE, Hou Weigui, founder of the age of 74, will officially retire.

in January this year, ZTE announced that the election of members of the seventh board of directors. Among them, the most noteworthy change is that the founder of ZTE, served as chairman of the 12 year old Hou Weigui has said no longer run for the new board of directors.

in the last election, Hou Weigui said, "one day, for some reason, one had to" return ". When the business is good, the operation is normal, then I will choose to retire."

70 after full charge ZTE

in the management of the new session, Zhao Xianming as chairman and President of ZTE (according to the company responsible for the overall operation), Wei Zaisheng (in charge of finance, CFO), Fan Qingfeng (in charge of brand legal) and Ceng Xuezhong (in charge of mobile phone terminal), Xu Huijun (in charge of R & D, CTO), Pang Shengqing (in charge of government and business) Zhang Zhenhui (in charge of operators and mobile phone business), Chen Jianzhou (in charge of human resources) as executive vice president of zte.

from the age of 60, after 70 after occupying ZTE’s management. It is worth noting that the management is in charge of the 70 after the two and most important technology development ZTE three core business, they are Ceng Xuezhong, the business operators terminal business of Zhang Zhenhui, Xu Huijun and CTO. And another big core business enterprise business Pang Shengqing was born in 1968.

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