Kunshan property market where the biggest problem

property market as a popular topic of concern to all people, the property market in various regions are closely watched. Kunshan property market is in a situation? Here is a small sum together to do some understanding of the Kunshan area!

take the Shanghai Metro Line 11 to the west, often appear on the car advertisements, and more concentrated in Jiading huaqiao. A lot of real estate with no restriction and low price advantage, I hope more and more buyers in Jiading via then sit a few subway station arrive here – but in fact Huaqiao already belongs to Suzhou Kunshan. Prior to this, most of the real estate prices can not be more than 10 thousand yuan / square meter, but this year, the property market has been an increase.

China Index Research Institute statistics show that 100 cities nationwide housing prices, in April 2016, the national housing prices rose the number of cities in the number of 71, an increase of 11 from the previous month. The top ten cities are: Huizhou, Kunshan, Zhongshan, Xiamen, Suzhou, Langfang, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Dongguan and. Specifically, Huizhou, Kunshan, Zhongshan, Xiamen, Suzhou rose more than 5%, Langfang, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Wuhan rose between 3% ~ 5%.

Kunshan has been ranked second in the country, while the first tier cities are not the first to enter the top five.

ferocious price

with the effect of "Shanghai nine" and the high prices in Shanghai, Metro Line 11 of the business but hot up every weekend from Shanghai property buyers want to experience the convenience of 11 lines, see the Huaqiao property market, suddenly a lot of excitement here.

from the subway line 11 to get off the south to walk a few hundred meters, Chen Li (a pseudonym) can go to his house inside, for such a subway cover real estate, she is quite satisfied. In 2010, because there are some money on hand, Chen Li and family talk came to buy "Huaqiao International City" four flats, she was to buy the average price of 7500 yuan / square meters, while the king is the project, but the value is only 1 million. Accustomed to the high prices in Shanghai, Chen Li, I feel that 1 million to buy a large house is still a big king.

"in 2012 when the others, and then our house has been rented. When we buy, we know that we have to go through the subway, so the price is quite high. After the purchase of our housing prices did not rise, but to the beginning of this year, there is no intermediary asked me to sell, the latest transaction price has reached 12 thousand yuan / square meter." Chen Li told reporters.

Chen Li because of the rise in prices is very happy, and Kunshan prices in the near future began to lead the country.