How to locate the market positioning of the cross stitch shop

this time want to start to change their present situation a lot of people in the business, the best time to choose a unique project, such as a cross stitch shop, then open the cross stitch shop market positioning how precise positioning of market positioning need? Shop before, after the shop to store products and reasonable price, then, the positioning of these two aspects to consider what factors? This is to understand the specific


market positioning

according to the investigation of the characteristics of the age of the network consumers, will be located in the cross stitch shop consumer targets in the 18 – to 35 year old women or some of the more interested in cross stitch embroidery. If the market segments, such as franchise mid-range, low-grade and other different cross stitch brand, will be a good choice. In the current financial crisis, the choice of the most appropriate cross stitch.

on the one hand, only a minority of wealthy clients, coupled with the financial crisis also affects people’s purchasing power, most of the network consumers want to buy high quality and inexpensive goods; on the other hand, as entrepreneurs, many people are beginning to hold "heart state stones", not what experience, and the limited financial resources, not suitable for high-end market.

product pricing

for cross stitch products, the product life cycle is very short, and the rapid changes in the market environment. The price of a commodity is the direct cause of the consumer’s decision to buy or not. The price is too high, the buyer is afraid of being afraid to buy or compare the choice of another home; the price is too low, the quality of the goods will be suspected of consumers, while profits will be low or even lose money.

even a very small business but also need careful management, or likely to bring a lot of business remains unchanged, except for a few points above said, product positioning open cross stitch shop should also pay attention to, reasonable pricing is very important. The most reliable is to set the price of goods is more moderate, consumers have the ability to buy, the seller is also easy to sell. Security pricing is usually made up of cost plus normal profit.

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