Music chicken to become rich in rural areas

is now living conditions are good, the countryside will as the trend, a more reasonable choice of entrepreneurial projects began to become rich, after all, also in rural farming, but need to innovate in culture on the basis of the development of better.

music into a new way of rural chicken get rich quick project. Investors said, I was farming, can be planted to a year can receive up to thousands of dollars. Around the villagers are rich, and I want to make money, improve the living conditions at home."   Lei Dengju told the author, in early 2003, he invested several million yuan to build a chicken shed began to raise chickens. While listening to Lei Dengju introduction, while walking into the shed, I saw a chicken is listening to music. Look at the author doubts, Wang said: "I am a ‘music chicken law’, with this method can make the survival rate of chickens up to 95%, more than in the past by up to 10%, while allowing the appetite of the chicken is also greatly increased.