The first village of the Red Army is about to transform Taobao Village

with the increase in rural entrepreneurs, China’s rural electricity supplier is about to enter a period of rapid development. Internet channels for the vast number of rural businesses to provide a broad market, accelerate the sales rate, the achievements of new business.

in Nanshan, more and more farmers and dealers to form a community of interests, to protect the online purchase and sale price priority household characteristics of agricultural products, farmers obligations for the production and living materials purchasing, explore "a shop with multiple households", "a shop with a" and "a shop with a village".

Tang Bei Cun Luo Tianling passionfruit planted more than and 200 acres, the surrounding villagers planted 800 acres, has also developed a passion fruit stem, passionfruit vinegar, passion fruit, and opened the Taobao store in the Red Army Street, online and offline together to sell.

At present, the rural infrastructure construction

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