How to layout the clothing store space

no matter what you want to open a clothing store, you must first consider the layout of the space of the store, in this regard to spend some thought is very necessary. Clothing store space how reasonable layout? Store layout design high popularity? There are three ways to store shelves:

1, straight. That is, each shelf is placed in a regular manner, showing a right angle between each other, so that the shelf display way to make the channel continuous U shaped curve, is a more formal way of placing. Can also be "32 combinations". That is, the three groups of containers connected to each side, plus the side of the two groups of containers, this method is more economical, but also to make the distance between the larger.

2, slash type. Clothing store space how reasonable layout? This layout allows customers to see more goods, the channel space is relatively large.

3, round or square. That is, to put a circle around the edge of the shop, and then put a few modest counters in the middle, which make the channel round / square, and take care of the shelves and goods on both sides. To take such a way should be said to be a combination of personality, the individual will be larger, the channel is relatively free, placed a fresh feeling, so that customers feel at home. But be careful not to be too complicated to avoid a maze like a maze. This method is suitable for those goods less and store, highlight the personality, but not too messy.


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