Hot business forecasts for the next ten years


venture in contemporary is not what fresh thing, a lot of people want to change their present situation through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial business must have prophetic vision, the next ten years, the popular business what you know? What business can be sustained fever? The following Xiaobian to recommend some of the next ten years of popular business. Is a small business, small investment, but it is your good direction of the next ten years to make money, want to make money to do business with you not miss yo!

hot business in the next ten years: car boutique

car model, is to reduce the proportion of a car in accordance with a certain proportion, made into a fine arts and crafts. The main types of metal, wood, plastic, crystal and other materials. The project site should be in a more prosperous business district, the store 20 square meters, the internal decoration can be simple. Rent, plus the first batch of 20 thousand yuan renovation, liquidity of $10 thousand, a total investment of about $40 thousand to open business.

hot business in the next ten years: green dry cleaners

a new generation of green dry cleaning shop has completely solved the problem of large investment in dry cleaners, the popularity of the problem is not wide. The chemical content of Green formula after detergent washing powder is lower than normal, without any damage to the clothing is also harmless to the human body, is one the country’s green technology. Green dry cleaning shop just a good quality ironing machine 3000 yuan and an ordinary washing machine can be 800 yuan. Washing raw materials 200 yuan local shops can be purchased, the formula is easy to learn, with a good proportion can operate. During the operation, only the clothes are soaked in the washing liquid which is filled with the green dry cleaning process, and the washing machine can be washed in a few minutes. Wash clothes only costs about 2 yuan, charge 10 yuan, renovation, cleaning a leather jacket costs 1-2 yuan, 50-80 yuan, day live in more than 50 pieces, plus a variety of difficult problems in clothes processing, industry and commerce, the tax deduction, utilities, rent and other expenses, the rate of up to 80 thousand yuan or more.

hot business in the next ten years: baby souvenirs

infant supplies, food, clothing, toys and intellectual development, early education, etc., will be the eternal market hot, it is worth competing. It is not difficult to find, every parents want to send their children to preserve meaningful things in the depths of memory, such as the hundred years Memorial, as everyone knows, Amaterasu growth pictures and so on, are deeply favored by the modern family. It is said that one of our city businesses have launched the "lanugo pen"; there is a baby to parents for the sales target of products – "baby footprints" memorial box, a find everything fresh and new. In fact, a little infant, a souvenir market is more than the "pen", a "


hot business in the next ten years: Toy rental