Shop 2 yuan money Secrets Revealed

although the present price is more and more high, people’s consumption level is also growing, but all over the country, whether developed or backward city, urban and rural areas, is still everywhere all 2 yuan shop, and the shop opened, the time is very long, they really can make money? And let Xiaobian to reveal your secret!

"2 yuan! 2 yuan! Full court 2 yuan! Pieces 2 yuan! You can not afford to lose, can not buy fooled! As long as 2 yuan!" Presumably many people have had similar scenes. In Yanjiao, a huge living area naturally 2 yuan store figure. 2 yuan shop to make money? The answer is: to make money, for many people or profiteering!

it is how to make money? Small series from the Internet to find a book is this thing.

first, start input: 1, decoration and fees: 4000 yuan. 2, the first purchase: 15000 yuan. 3, join fee: 5000 yuan (if not join, this cost can be saved). Total investment: 19000 or $24000

Second, the monthly cost: 1 yuan / month, the rent: 1500. 2, employee wages: 2000 yuan / month. 3, taxes and fees: 200 yuan / month. 4, electricity: 300 yuan / month. The total expenditure of 4000 yuan / month

Third, profit estimation: (to keep turnover of 1000 yuan / day) monthly gross profit: 1000 yuan × 30 days; × 50%=15000. Monthly net profit: 15000 yuan -4000=11000 yuan. Net profit: 11000 yuan × 12=132000 yuan.

Second, turnover to the high efficiency, small profits. This determines the location of the store, the type of goods, more detailed pricing strategy, display measures and other details. A single location, the best choice is the center of the City Central Business District, commercial street, pedestrian street, subway crowd busy entrances; second best choice is monopoly street, commercial street life activities; re selection is a large shopping center, >