Research two girls start to open a new chapter in the industry to write a new chapter 5

in this society, women have now gradually began to hold up half the sky, at the same time, the broad masses of women entrepreneurs have begun to become very common, every day we will see some women are around their own entrepreneurial success of stock market.


went to the university school day, return to school students excitedly, advertising the Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing 2013 School of literature and journalism specialty research two students Hou Shuyuan, but do not rush back to school. At this point, she opened the 517 islands in Hainan is riding a busy season, monthly traffic reached about 2000 people, only from February to March earnings of $150 thousand.

the bike when the bus

this girl is Hou Shuyuan, born in 1988, from Hubei, Jingzhou, 2011 followed her sister came to Chongqing.

"Chongqing on the downhill ride too much, it is very difficult, but still more than the bus." Hou Shuyuan said, a class in a hurry, afraid to ride a bike too late to take a bus, the result of the traffic jam took half an hour to get to school, and only 15 minutes to ride a bike. Since then, she is on the bicycle, whether it is from the two district of Nanping home five kilometers to school, or to the Guanyin Bridge to play, she put the bike when the bus.