We also need to keep a good sprint at the end of the business bottom line

time fleeting, even if we break the finger count, in 2016 there is no day, and this year a lot of shops operating basically on the end of the. As the saying goes: planning does not come from the abacus. The beginning of the year, this year has been "lofty ideals and high aspirations" economic depression to "exhausted". Seeing the leaves all over the floor, even a few trees in front of the store Aoshuang chrysanthemum are seasonal erosion, which belongs to the days of the year, fleeting, in these two months, how big a final sprint sales, it is a problem worth considering……

is now feeding ducks do not lay eggs, if in the short two months to complete the cramming, big business, it is very difficult to do. However, I have still much to worry about, because there are many shops around the yard, I told the boss and staff are more familiar, Fengnianguojie when their benefits, most of them are provided by me. In this short period of time, for the "most" outside of those benefits also fight for. I believe that with my usual silent "attitude and" all for the sake of customers "business philosophy, the end of the year should sprint sales is not a problem.

again, seeing the winter girl has come with snowflakes, a method should be purchased is the sprint at the end of season commodity sales. Although the car is more, but the road block, so the electric car has become the darling of the trip. There is a new electric windscreen, this year cotton, greatly, not only warm and beautiful. I chouzhunshiji, into a group, really sell surprisingly well. Moreover, the heating stove, but also won the favor of customers, belonging to the countryside firewood everywhere, heating effect is much better than the air conditioning. These seasonal goods, although the profit is not great, but it can give many littles make a mickle. "final sales of our.

of course, though by the end of the year, the shops have been well prepared for the sprint, however, many operators are easily lost in the process of their own "sprint". The final sprint either busy or idle or not, we must defend their business without the bottom line, don’t cheat, don’t put the signs of good faith to be destroyed on one day sprint.