Hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao focus and adhere to create today

college students entrepreneurship has is not a new thing, as one of the biggest in college students entrepreneurial projects, "hungry" online meal ordering platform has reached beyond the reach of many peers where students take out for wealth legend.

low latitude;


third want users to be able to buy more things in a more convenient way on the platform, such as fresh fruit, etc..


if you look you venture this way experience, what do you think is the most proud thing? Why? Do you have any regrets?

is most proud of attention and insisted that we began the event in 2008, seven years are doing the same thing, I think this is very worthy of attention and adhere to the proud. I have nothing to regret.

today announced the news is a bit travel strategic stake in hungry, why choose him?

Our cooperation

and drops, is complementary. Bits and pieces to expand their category and flow, hungry, what can be achieved through the car drops distribution, the possibility of more business. Through the car can send dozens of individual meals, you can solve the supply chain of commodity distribution, you can attract more high-quality businesses and high-end consumers. Two wheels of electric vehicles with the wheels of the car, can be summed up as "2+4" distribution model, the cooperation of the development of space is far more than 1+1> 2 so simple.