nnovation and Entrepreneurship Sihong County town market initiatives to stimulate entrepreneurial e

to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, to solve the employment problem, promote economic development, first of all need to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, therefore, Sihong County town community and more initiatives to stimulate the national entrepreneurial enthusiasm, there will also be more entrepreneurial support policies, help people better employment.

the town full use of distance education platform, poverty alleviation and entrepreneurial base and network incubator, regularly carry out vegetable planting, breeding and other aspects of training, help the masses to broaden the thinking, strengthen farmers’ entrepreneurial skills; leading cadres, Cunzhiliangwei ofreturned, rich people and lead innovation industry, mining local industrial advantages, bigger and stronger special industries provide procedures for project management; venture capital, land coordination, talent introduction and enterprise information management "series service nanny", to create a good business environment.

at the same time, the mobilization of entrepreneurs with talent, capital, technology, information, with orders to return home business, form a good situation in the town "to entrepreneurship, striving for".



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